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Legal translation is one of the most complex sectors of a translation service. It requires the highest level of linguistic skills, knowledge of local and international legislation, laws, standards, and cultural differences.

Mistakes made in translations can be costly; even the smallest error can swing or dismiss a legal case.

Legal translations include any document needed by the criminal justice and civil systems and necessitate trained and qualified experts. As such, translators must have an in-depth understanding of the laws of both the source and target languages.

High levels of accuracy are essential in legal translations and legal translators must not only be knowledgeable in the legal terminology of the source and target languages, but also in the regional and cultural differences between the countries.

Dixon Associates are specialists in document translations and pride ourselves on delivering an accurate legal translation and interpreting service for barristers, solicitors, notaries, the courts and the police.

We offer face to face interpreting in all languages to courts for trials, including remote interpreting using Cloud Video Platforms (CVPs).

With over 50 years of experience, our legally trained and qualified linguists guarantee the translation of your document is always handled professionally, confidentially and accurately. 

As a member of the ATC and ITI, we are authorised to stamp and certify your documents, therefore providing accredited translations. 

Certificates are provided by our company for this purpose, at no extra charge.

We are also able to swear affidavits for your translations and to arrange for these to be notarised.

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‘The extra lengths you have gone to, to help me out and to get the translated document to me in a professional and prompt manner were way above anything I could have expected. I am extremely grateful to you. I will be recommending your services wherever I can.’

Rodney Pitt, Director
Clearwater Filtration Ltd

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