What is the difference between translating and interpreting?

Translation is the written form and Interpreting is the spoken form of a language. Words in documents are translated and spoken words are interpreted. We can provide the translation of a document into and from any language and interpreters for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, court cases, etc.

How long will the translation take?

Each individual translator will translate around 2000 words a day. Short translations i.e. less than 500 words, are normally returned the same day and should your requirement be urgent, then the same morning or afternoon that you send it to us. We do offer an instant translation service, so please ask for further information.

How much does it cost?

We calculate our charges based on a word count. We do not vary our charges depending on the subject matter, since we choose a specialist in each sector to undertake the translation. The translation fee includes the cost of proofreading by a second linguist. If the formatting/layout of the original text is complicated, we may charge for our time for formatting the finished translation. However, you will be notified in advance of this, to avoid hidden charges. A discount is usually offered for repeated text where Trados can be used and of course for high volumes of work.

How will you return the translation to me?

You may collect the translation from our head office in Wolverhampton or we can return this to you by email, post or courier.

Do you use machine translation software to translate my document?

All translations are carried out by humans ensuring an accurate, reliable and high quality translation. Computer software could not possibly distinguish between the nuances of a language and we advise not to use a translation agency offering a computer software translation service. We use Trados, which is a translation memory software (not a translation software), to ensure consistency in terminology but this is a tool to aid translation and not to do the translation! Please ask for further clarification.

Does your translation service include proofreading?

Yes. A second linguist will proofread your text in house. Should you require your translation for publication or advertising purposes, then we recommend that you arrange for proofreading by an agent/distributor in the country in question to ensure correct use of in-house terminology.