The Mark of Excellence.

All translations are carried out by native translators then proofread by a second linguist. They are finally checked by our in-house translators at Dixon Associates.

A job sheet is completed for each translation on receipt. It is assigned an order number and entered on a computerised order system which tracks the translator, date and time of receipt, progress of the translation and deadline. It cannot be passed for invoicing or emailing to the client until signed off by our Quality Assurance Manager. This system guarantees that no translation is forgotten, unnecessarily delayed, lost or submitted to the client in error.

As a requirement of the ATC, Dixon Associates holds Liability Insurance up to £5 million and Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £500,000.

Translations contain an official stamp by accredited translators. Translations can be notarised or sworn with affidavits if required.

We regularly work with agencies and translators overseas who are members of the same or equivalent foreign associations abroad and have been tried and tested by us. We have established relationships with organisations in France, Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain and Germany.

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