Interpreters in Telford

As well as offering translation services in Telford, we can also provide interpreters for a variety of different purposes. All of our Telford interpreters are trained and qualified in all languages and subject matters and sign a secrecy agreement so you can be sure the highest levels of confidentiality are maintained at all times. They also hold either a DPSI, NRPSI, CIOL  or ITI qualification and should have a minimum of five years interpreting experience.

After an initial briefing by you we will advise you on the best type of interpreter for your requirements; ad hoc, consecutive or simultaneous.

Outside of English the primary languages used in Telford & Wrekin are Polish, Punjabi, Urdu, Chinese and Slovak. A full list of this information can be found here.

Consecutive Interpreters in Telford

A Consecutive Interpreter is the most commonly requested interpreting service and is also the simplest to arrange. Here a Consecutive Interpreter will wait until the speaker has finished before translating what was said into the other person’s native language. This is ideal for less formal situations such as business visits.

Simultaneous Interpreters in Telford

Simultaneous Interpreters work in teams in sound-proof booths and they interpret what the other person is saying at the same time they are speaking with delegates listening through headsets. Simultaneous Interpreters are ideal for more formal situations such as conferences, courts etc.

Foreign Voice-Overs in Telford

If you have any corporate marketing which you need to be translated and interpreted for international markets then here, at Dixon Associates, we can help. Our voice-over actors have significant television, film and radio experience and our portfolio includes actors, broadcasters and commentators who will always be working into their mother tongue. We can also help with the entire process for you, including translating the script and adapting this to your target market and audience as well as recording in a professional recording studio.

Dixon Associates has over 50 years’ experience providing translation and interpreting services in Telford, as well as across the West Midlands and the UK. If you are a Telford-based business looking for a professional translation and interpreting agency in Telford, you can be assured we will exceed your expectations in every respect.

We work with clients throughout the UK including specifically: BirminghamCoventryLiverpoolLondon, Bristol, Sheffield, Oxford, Leicester and Manchester.

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