Are you Doing Everything Possible to Increase Export Sales for Your Business?

The Internet is the window through which the world views your business. It is your company’s advertisement, brochure and representative. Most buyers no longer bother to save printed literature that is sent by post, assuming they will be able to find the same information and more on your website.

Customers use the Internet in a demand-driven way with little patience for a poor experience. Most users look at a company’s website long before making contact or requesting a quote. In a B2B world, national or international, the Internet may not necessarily be the place that purchases are made, but it is certainly where research is carried out before decisions are made.
If you were face to face with your client, you would be able to judge a customer’s reaction to your product or service and respond accordingly with explanations. Online, however you do not have such a luxury, If the customer is confused, only the most determined are likely to contact you with questions; most will simply leave the site.

So, focus on your customers, think about what their needs and expectations are, make sure you answer their questions and provide them in a language that is appropriate to them. Above all, ensure your site is easy to use and does not present barriers to your user’s searching and hopefully buying behaviour. If you are serious about exporting, then it is essential to have your website translated into the language of the target markets. The assumption that everyone understands English can no longer be relied upon. Is it expensive? Well, it could cost your business more by excluding it from these potential export markets simply because users do not understand your website, the products and the services you offer as a professional company.

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