Translation Services Birmingham

Dixon Associates is a specialist translation agency offering certified translation services in Birmingham and across the West Midlands and the UK.

Translating a document is a complex process and a translator needs to have many more skills than just being able to speak the language. The right translator should have expertise in their chosen field, as well as an appreciation of differences in society and culture to ensure the document meets the requirements of your business.

  1. When we receive a document, we select a translator from our panel of over 2000 certified and qualified linguists and provide you with a quotation based on word count and deadline.
  2. Once we receive your confirmation to proceed, our translator will begin to work on the document, and will forward queries / points of discussion which will need addressing to ensure an accurate translation.
  3. We then send the draft translation to a proof-reader to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors and the correct terminology for your industry is used consistently throughout.
  4. The finished translation is then emailed to you which will be followed up with a courtesy call to ensure the translation meets the requirements of your business. Only then will an invoice be issued and sent to you, along with the original documents.

All of our translations are kept on record for three years in order to ensure consistency and continuity; we record the translator we used and endeavour to provide you with the same one for each and every subsequent translation.

We have nearly 50 years of experience providing translation services, therefore for a Birmingham-based business looking for a professional translation services company, you can be assured that we will exceed your expectations in every respect.