The Translation Process

Document received by Dixon Associates for translation and assessed
in terms of content, intended purpose and deadline.

  • A translator is carefully selected from our panel of qualified mother-tongue translators, depending on experience, language, subject matter, style and urgency.
  • Dixon Associates provides you with a firm quotation, with no hidden extras,which we guarantee in terms of cost and deadline. The quotation is based on a word count (manual or electronic).
  • On receipt of your confirmation to proceed, we start the translation and send you any queries/points of discussion which need addressing before completion of the translation.
  • The translator completes the translation and Dixon Associates sends this to a proof reader for an objective and independent check of the completed translation, style, grammar, terminology, consistency and accuracy.
  • Once this has been proof read and checked by Dixon Associates, we return this to you by your requested method of email, fax or post in whatever format you prefer.
  • Dixon Associates then calls you to make sure you are completely happy with our service and to discuss any outstanding matters.
  • An invoice is issued by our Accounts Department and sent with any original documents to you by post. Translations are stamped and signed and certifications issued and posted at the same time, if required.
  • The translation is filed electronically for 3 years at Dixon Associates